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To raise awareness for Accenture Strategy, DigitasLBi partnered with Accenture to build the first-ever live orchestral experience using artificial intelligence. 


Clio Awards 2017: Silver and Bronze

The global business strategy and consulting category suffers from a sea of sameness with little to distinguish firms’ offerings. Accenture wanted to make waves and dramatically illustrate how Accenture Strategy uses data, strategy and technology to uncover insights and help solve business problems for their customers.

From this idea, a disruptive new format was born—the symphonic experience—as a thought leadership vehicle for B2B communications. We created Symphonologiea first-ever AI influenced orchestral work built by analyzing sentiments from top stories in business and tech and converting them into musical motifs. The symphony was then performed live by a 52-piece orchestra along with real-time data visuals before 1000 international business leaders at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The unique performance captivated the attention of hundreds of C-Level decision makers and demonstrated Accenture Strategy’s expertise in AI. Accenture was able to present a platform that showcases data, strategy and technology in the same form that it solves problems for its clients.