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DigitasLBi In The News

Adformatie • April 17, 2017

Škoda Provides Their Sponsorship Of Tour de France With A Little Extra By Creating A Tool For The Saturday Cyclist

Škoda launches a new online platform created especially for the Saturday cycle recreationists. The platform inspires them to discover new routes based on their personal Strava data.

MarketingTribune • April 13, 2017

DigitasLBi And Selmore Develop Tool For Saturday Cyclists

Especially for those Saturday cycling enthusiasts DigitasLBi, together with Selmore, created the tool Routetour. This Škoda-tool inspires these cyclists to change routes based on their Strava data.

Designtaxi • March 21, 2017

Agency Redesigns And Improves Its Already Awesome Glittery Unicorn Logo

Our new website with a customized logo for each city, as well as our new collective logo is getting noticed. Sometimes new ís better. After all, new is what’s next... Read more.

Emerce • March 6, 2017

Alibaba Thinks It Found The Solution For Paying In Virtual Reality. 

Taking a virtual walk through a virtual store and paying by nodding your head: Alibaba is working on the latter and says they found the solution for the payment problem in Virtual Reality.

Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam • January 15, 2017

Experience Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam Now in Virtual Reality

We created a 360 teaser for the last show of the opening night: The Painting. An intense ride to say the least. We also filmed the 3 opening shows in 360, creating a first-row feel experience.

Emerce • November 10, 2016

Commerce Is Definitely Part of VR Experience

During 'Dutch Design Week goes Digital' Nathan Coppens and Eppo Luiken convincingly show how to create a genuine v-commerce VR experience in a mobile app.

Adformatie • July 20, 2016

Would You Dare to Share With Biker Arie?

For Centraal Beheer we made a commercial with hidden cameras and biker Arie to test the sharing economy. It went viral and made Centraal Beheer the go-to insurance company of the sharing economy. Read more at Adformatie. 

Adformatie • June 21, 2016

“Internal Boundaries Disappear at Publicis One”

Adformatie reported on Publicis One, the house of brands that will put DigitasLBi under one roof with all other Publicis companies.

Adformatie • June 19, 2016

Five Questions For Dirk van den Bosch (Digitas)

Managing director Dirk van den Bosch was interviewed by Adformatie about his thoughts on the most interesting cases as shown in Cannes this year.

FWA • April 10, 2016

The Audi A4 Experience - Mobile Of The Day

The Audi A4 Experience was Mobile of the Day at FWA. This virtual reality app lets people experience the new Audi A4 through the use of groundbreaking technology and 360 storytelling.

Emerce • February 1, 2016

Dutch Railsways Choose (Again) For DigitasLBi

Dutch Railways NS and NS International have extended their partnership with DigitasLBi for another three years. The agency won the European tender.

MarketingTribune • February 4, 2015

[Entrepeneur of The Week] Jaap van Oort - Strategy Director DigitasLBi And Developer Vertu-Platform

Interview with Jaap van Oort about the development of the digital flagship store for luxery phone manufacturer Vertu, where storytelling and sales go hand in hand.