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Brick Lane in numbers: Data insights by DigitasLBi


Stuart Aitken

Brick Lane in numbers: Data insights by DigitasLBi

Brick Lane in Numbers is a new piece of research from DigitasLBi which seeks to throw light on what data can tell us about an area and how people interact with it. This research focuses attention on the famous London street Brick Lane which is home to DigitasLBi’s London office.


Data for the report comes from analysis of two key sources: Instagram and the Santander Bike Scheme. Instagram data was analysed to highlight what insights can be gleaned from social media usage. Bike Scheme data was assessed to discover what we can learn from publically available data sources.

The Instagram data set was captured across all months of 2015. Data for bike hires was taken from TFL open data sources available on the TFL website. Hire data for each month was gathered for all of 2015.

Instagram data

A total of 42,859 authors were analyzed. From this data set any account which posted more than 30 times was removed to avoid skewing the results – these were mostly local businesses. Data was collected by creating a geo-fenced area around Brick Lane and excluding any imagery that fell outside of this area.

You can download the full results as an infographic here.

Stuart Aitken

Stuart Aitken


As Head of Content at DigitasLBi UK, Stuart is responsible for seeking out the most compelling narratives from across DigitasLBi‘s UK businesses, identifying marketplace trends for comment and managing the DigitasLBi brand across internal and external channels as well as social media platforms. He is also responsible for planning and providing editorial guidance for key DigitasLBi events such as the annual thought leadership showcase NewFront.  


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