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Digital Analyst (Executive)


We are looking for an enthusiastic Digital Analyst to join us at DigitasLBi.

To be successful in this environment, you need to have a critical blend of statistical, technical and business skills that can generate robust effectiveness insight for our clients in Asia Pacific; taking raw data from an array of sources and analyzing it to provide insights to different audiences. We want to learn, teaching our clients things they never knew about their own organization too. Interpreting data, identifying trends and making recommendations on how to react to the insight are key to making heads turn.

You will have experience in manipulating data, working from its original raw form to provide clean and clear results ready for clients’ eyes. This role requires you to work independently with social, conversational, content and web data, statistical analysis, data manipulation and mining.

To impress our clients, data must not only be useful and trustworthy, but also beautifully presented in an exciting and stimulating way, so visualization and presentation skills are essential. The successful candidate will have a passion for data and a fiercely inquisitive nature, championing a performance-based outlook amongst teams and clients.

As the fastest growing digital agency in Asia Pacific, DigitasLBi’s core mission is digital transformation. We simply this complex digital landscape by looking at everything from the customer’s perspective.

What you’ll do:

The Analyst will maintain a primary responsibility in Singapore working on regional and local clients & prospects. They may be asked to support the network and other businesses throughout the APAC region from time to time.

The responsibilities of the Analyst are divided across four key competencies:

  1. Client & Commercials

Add measurable value to our clients through actionable analytical insights.

  • Provides analysis and identify opportunities to perform analysis on client’s data
  • Add measurable value to our clients through actionable analytical insights
  1. People

Collaborate with stakeholders to guide business, communications and creative outputs.

  • Strong verbal, written and visual PowerPoint communication skills
  • A self-motivated, insightful and inclusive approach to tasks with account leads
  • Strong problem solving and consultative skills
  1. Delivery and Information

Provide consultancy on analytical solutions and best practice.

  • Conduct analysis to form campaign and scheduled reporting deliverables
  • Proactively stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best-practices
  • Exemplify the benefits of data analysis internally within DigitasLBi network, and externally amongst our existing and potential clients
  1. Craft Skills

Simplify complex problems into clear strategic directions and inspire creativity in others.

  • Ability to take factual information, diagnose underlying issues and generate insight
  • Perform analysis, visualize and present the results
  • Utilize and blend analysis from a combination of bought, free and proprietary tools
  • Perform data audits to understand client’s capabilities and different data environments

Knowledge you’ll need:

  • 1-2 years’ experience with social and digital analytics for South-East Asia markets
  • Graduate caliber, preferably holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Marketing, Economics, Computer Science, Information Technology or Human-Computer Science
  • Demonstrates core analytical experience and knowledge of KPI measurement in Digital Marketing, Media and Social Media roles
  • Knowledge of Asian markets social media properties including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Weibo, WeChat, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, etc. would be desirable
  • Core analytical skills: Advanced Excel skills are necessary. Comfortable with pulling Organic & Paid Media directly from Facebook, DoubleClick, YouTube etc. Experience using Social media analytics, listening and management suites such as Sprinklr & Crimson Hexagon would be desirable. Experience using Web analytics tools like Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics would be necessary
  • Secondary skills: Experience of coding/data mining (e.g. SPSS, SAS/R, SQL) and visualization tools (Tableau, Qlikview) would be of added advantage

Über DigitasLBi

Wir haben 40 Niederlassungen in 25 Ländern, jeder ein Beitrag zur umzustülpen und definieren die Landschaft von Strategie, Kreativität, Medien und Technologie. Wir sind gepumpt über die Auszeichnungen, die wir verdient haben – cue Titanium Löwen, Gold Bleistifte und macht LinkedIn Most InDemand Arbeitgeber-Liste von 2014 – doch was uns am meisten beflügelt die Menschen wir mit den wir arbeiten arbeiten für Kunden und die ständige Herausforderung, die uns konfrontiert: Herstellung von erstaunlich kreativ, Tag für Tag. Auf große Werte, tolle Leute und tolle Kunden, wir sind stolz darauf, viele tolle Vergünstigungen – Dinge wie flex Urlaubstage, Unterrichtvergütung, Fitness-Studio-Mitgliedschaft Rabatte und Geschenke für die vielen Menschen, die bei uns, 5, 10, 20 gewesen sind Jahre und mehr. Und während feiern wir diejenigen, die von uns stecken haben und uns in die kreative Kraft, die wir heute sind geformt, wir sind immer auf der Suche nach tolle neue Talente helfen uns noch stärker wachsen. Wenn Sie gut ist, komm zu uns.

DigitasLBi ist ein Equal Opportunity Employer.

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