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SVP/Data and Analysis


Senior Vice President/Group Director – Data and Analysis

DigitasLBi is a highly-caffeinated playground where brilliant minds come together to bring bold, award-winning ideas to life.

– Data and Analysis. Right now, we’re looking for the North American leader of our 300 person Data and Analysis team. This Senior Vice President will help to drive that transformation, someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who can engage clients in economic insights and drive strategic thinking into client marketing solutions. Sound like you? Read on.

What you’ll do: 

Senior Vice President/Group Director – Data and Analysis, you’ll drive the charge for innovation, coordinating with cross-capability leadership to allocate and implement programs. You’ll be an industry leader, working with partners and vendors to bring the best innovation to life for both DigitasLBi and our clients.

Day-to-day, your role includes:

  • Strengthening client relationships by serving as a key Digitas thought leader, aligning digital strategy with a client’s broader business goals and objectives
  • Driving the use of data in decision-making throughout the organization, partnering with experts, vendors and organizational leaders to get it done
  • Demonstrating expertise in responding to client analytic and strategic issues, including enterprise-wide interactive strategy, strategic budgeting decisions, competitive assessments and business-case analyses
  • Making significant contributions to business development by leading new business initiatives and establishing relationships with prospective clients
  • Developing a framework for all aspects of digital Marketing and managing a strategic resource pool of broad strategists across all levels
  • Collaborating across functions, coordinating with general managers, Creatives, User Experience, Technology, Media Planning and Project Management teams
  • Establishing partnerships with emerging technology and data providers through an innovation initiative
  • Providing methodological support, coaching, training and advice to S&A staff on multiple levels across multiple client and internal assignments
  • Codifying and publishing formal frameworks and methodologies for approaching major data and strategic issues, leveraging existing Digitas intellectual capital and developing innovative concepts

We’re looking for strong, impactful work experience, which typically includes:

  • A Master’s degree, preferably in Math or Economics, plus 15 or more years of strategy and operations experience in Management Consulting, Marketing or Interactive Consulting.
  • Expertise in the digital world and a masterful understanding of multiple industries, including telecommunications, retail, CPG and financial
  • A strong knowledge of integrated marketing and CRM disciplines
  • Proven leadership ability and strong, impactful client relationship experience
  • Stellar communication and presentation skills: We need someone who’s articulate,
  • engaging, straightforward – and, above all, can effectively and convincingly translate unstructured business solutions into innovative customer marketing programs
  • A willingness to travel as needed—keeping an open mind to new places, new faces and new ideas

Über DigitasLBi

Wir haben 40 Niederlassungen in 25 Ländern, jeder ein Beitrag zur umzustülpen und definieren die Landschaft von Strategie, Kreativität, Medien und Technologie. Wir sind gepumpt über die Auszeichnungen, die wir verdient haben – cue Titanium Löwen, Gold Bleistifte und macht LinkedIn Most InDemand Arbeitgeber-Liste von 2014 – doch was uns am meisten beflügelt die Menschen wir mit den wir arbeiten arbeiten für Kunden und die ständige Herausforderung, die uns konfrontiert: Herstellung von erstaunlich kreativ, Tag für Tag. Auf große Werte, tolle Leute und tolle Kunden, wir sind stolz darauf, viele tolle Vergünstigungen – Dinge wie flex Urlaubstage, Unterrichtvergütung, Fitness-Studio-Mitgliedschaft Rabatte und Geschenke für die vielen Menschen, die bei uns, 5, 10, 20 gewesen sind Jahre und mehr. Und während feiern wir diejenigen, die von uns stecken haben und uns in die kreative Kraft, die wir heute sind geformt, wir sind immer auf der Suche nach tolle neue Talente helfen uns noch stärker wachsen. Wenn Sie gut ist, komm zu uns.

DigitasLBi ist ein Equal Opportunity Employer.