When people are living with cancer they’re more likely to feel the cold. Because they spend more time at home during treatment, heating bills can shoot up. And often they won’t be able to work, so money is short too. 


We decided to ask people what makes people feel warm – and transform their answers into a gigantic scarf. People could submit their answers on the Infi-Knit website, and our award-winning robot knitting machine knitted them a unique piece of scarf in response. People from all over the UK watched online as their piece of scarf was added to the world’s longest knitted petition. The finished scarf was then presented to No.10 Downing Street. 


70,744 Facebook likes, 5,093 knitters, and 127.32 metres of scarf. 85% of the people who interacted with Infi-Knit have since signed up to Macmillan’s e-campaigner network – making it the most successful and cost-effective customer acquisition campaign for Macmillan ever. 

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