Lloyds TSB
Lloyds TSB Money Manager


Lloyds TSB is best described as a ‘relationship bank’ that is there for its customers throughout their financial journey. As such, we worked to launch a completely new Internet Banking service that gives customers a greater understanding of their spending, providing them with everyday financial improvement without the everyday effort.


We completely revamped Lloyds TSB online banking: great user experience, simple design and richer, more engaging content have transformed the way people bank online. With our Lloyds TSB Money Manager, we created a tool that helps customers understand their spending and improve their money management through in-depth analysis of where their money is going.


An incredible 11 million people use Lloyd’s online banking, logging in over a billion times a year, and 600,000 have signed up for the MoneyManager since it launched. The impact of all of this can be seen in a significant sales uplift.

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