About us

About us

About us

We are a global marketing and technology agency that transforms businesses for the digital age. We exist to help brands embrace the creative and technological changes revolutionising all aspects of their business. 

Our expertise across insight, brand building, creative storytelling and real-time distribution enables brands to get fit for the future, no matter where we join them on their digital journey.

To do this requires a unique culture capable of supporting diverse talent. We call our collaborative way of working blending, and it’s central to everything we do – allowing us to take ideas from strategy and concept to launch and evaluation as quickly and effectively as possible.

Whether in a single room or across our 40 offices worldwide, blending lets us cast the right people for the challenge. The perfect blend takes our clients further and faster on their digital journey, delighting customers on the way.

This approach embraces the creative tension between left brain and right brain. We believe that when you combine data and storytelling – when mathematicians and poets join forces – you get more powerful results.

All this means we’re well-equipped to meet the challenges of marketing to today’s sophisticated audiences. We help companies of all shapes and sizes decide What’s Next ... and then we take them there.

DigitasLBi is a key element of Publicis.Sapient, the first purpose built platform designed to help clients address the digital transformation needs created by accelerating technology advances, the changing competitive landscape and the rise of the empowered consumer.

Publicis.Sapient was forged to address this challenge by fusing 2 paths to problem solving – Digital Solutions & Business/Technology Consulting.  The platform is unique in combining the leading digital pioneers and thinkers of the past 20 years from Razorfish, SapientNitro, & DigitasLBi with the experienced business analysts, proven technology developers and deep industry experts of Sapient Consulting.

Click here to learn more about the Publicis.Sapient Platform and about how we are helping clients address today’s digital transformation imperative

Global Executive Management

  • Ewen Sturgeon
    Ewen Sturgeon
    Chief Executive Officer, International
  • Tony Weisman
    Tony Weisman
    Chief Executive Officer, The Americas
  • Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke
    Chief Creative Officer, International
  • Alan Davies
    Alan Davies
    Global Chief Strategy Officer
  • Thomas Elkan Boisen
    Thomas Elkan Boisen
    Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, International
  • Laurent Ezekiel
    Laurent Ezekiel
    Managing Director, NY Region & Global Client Services Director
  • Jill Kelly
    Jill Kelly
    Global Chief Communications Officer
  • Jason Kodish
    Jason Kodish
    Global Chief Data Scientist
  • Kenneth Parks
    Kenneth Parks
    Chief Marketing Officer, North America
  • Ronald Ng
    Ronald Ng
    Chief Creative Officer, North America
  • Erin Quill Keough
    Erin Quill Keough
    Global Chief Talent Officer
  • Paolo Yuvienco
    Paolo Yuvienco
    Global Chief Technology Officer
  • Peter Miller
    Peter Miller
    Global Chief Financial Officer
  • Joanne Zaiac
    Joanne Zaiac
    Chief Operating Officer, North America
  • Douglas Ryan
    Douglas Ryan
    President, North America

International Leadership

  • Ewen Sturgeon
    Ewen Sturgeon
    Chief Executive Officer, International
  • Roy Capon
    Roy Capon
  • Anke Herbener
    Anke Herbener
    CEO Germany
  • Bettina Sherrain
    Bettina Sherrain
    CEO Nordics
  • Fern Miller
    Fern Miller
    Chief Marketing Officer, International
  • Jon Russell
    Jon Russell
    Chief Information Officer
  • Lorenzo Wood
    Lorenzo Wood
    Chief Innovation Officer
  • Hugo Manassei
    Hugo Manassei
    Global Head of Service Design
  • Paul Dalton
    Paul Dalton
    Chief Media Officer, International
  • Thomas Elkan Boisen
    Thomas Elkan Boisen
    Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, International
  • Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke
    Chief Creative Officer, International
  • Dan Hughes
    Dan Hughes
    Head of Data Science, International
  • Scott Ross
    Scott Ross
    Chief Technology Officer, International

UK Executive

  • Mike Islip
    Mike Islip
    CEO UK
  • Matt Steward
    Matt Steward
    Managing Director UK
  • Simon Latarche
    Simon Latarche
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Sophie Ling
    Sophie Ling
    Chief Talent Officer
  • Fern Miller
    Fern Miller
    Chief Marketing Officer, International
  • Marcus Mustafa
    Marcus Mustafa
    Global Head of User Experience
  • Paul Dalton
    Paul Dalton
    Chief Media Officer, International
  • Jonathan Akwue
    Jonathan Akwue
    Chief Executive, UK, Lost Boys
  • Hattie Whiting
    Hattie Whiting
    Managing Director, Kitcatt Nohr
  • Scott Ross
    Scott Ross
    Chief Technology Officer, International

What we do



For us, insight means never relying on assumptions or generalisations. It means understanding how people really interact with content, across the full spectrum of media channels. We use these unique insights to inform our ideas, personalise our messages and reach people at the right moment, in the way that feels most natural. This is when real magic happens.



We believe in blending strategy, creativity, media and technology. Our experts work closely together to solve our clients’ business problems in compelling, innovative ways. We develop big and small ideas that bring brands alive whether they exist as services, stories or campaigns.



Our holistic view of the relationship between owned, earned and paid media means we can create connections that count at every stage of the customer journey. We’re experts at designing for all kinds of digital platforms, harnessing the power of digital media to engage people in unexpected ways – and increase conversations about our clients’ brands.

Our services

Design & build Design & build

Huge audiences, high stakes. Crafting cutting-edge web portals from scratch is our speciality – and we do it for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing

Word is, there’s nothing like word of mouth. We’re not just experts at generating it – we can make it count towards your bottom line.

Creative Creative

In this high-tech world of ours, one thing hasn’t changed. The idea is everything. Our creative team generates, refines and delivers ideas that change the way people think about brands.

Branded content Branded content

We create content that embodies the values of your brand, whether it’s a film or animation with killer production values, or editorial that resonates with your audience.

Content strategy Content strategy

Content is king, goes the saying. We couldn’t agree more. But creating great content requires the right conditions – something our content strategy team can work with you to create.

User experience User experience

Whether plotting user journeys or diving into the details, our UX team puts the user first. That results in smoother navigation, greater relevancy, and increased engagement.

Mobile Mobile

Whether it’s the latest responsive technique or a lush app you’re after, we deliver pocket perfection.

Social media Social media

Since sharing is caring, we’ve embedded social expertise within every department. We’ve found that having social at the heart of everything we do results in work that’s far more shareable.


Laying the groundwork for meaningful interactions between you and your customers, we plan, manage and measure brand conversations – wherever they take place.

Managed services Managed services

We don’t just design and build websites – we host and manage them too. Business-critical services with 24/7 support have been a core offering from our very inception.

Analytics Analytics

Data reveals all – but only if you know how to read it. Our dedicated analytics team can discern what the numbers are really saying, and spot the small changes that make a big difference.


Seek and ye shall find. Search is a little more complicated than when that line was penned, but we have the expertise to ensure you come out on top.


We believe pay-per-click is a crucial part of the marketing mix. The secret is in using it elegantly, as part of a wider media strategy. We can help you with the plan, the media and the execution.

User research User research

Whether meeting your audience, or field testing our solution with the people that will actually use it, we’re always out in the field, informing our work with a better understanding of the people you really do business with.

Social business design Social business design

Making the most of today’s opportunities requires a fresh approach. We can help you make the changes necessary to manage conversations, lead audiences, and get more likes than you know what to do with.

Media planning and buying Media planning and buying

Having our own in-house media team lets us deliver smoother, smarter campaigns from end to end.

Technology Technology

The latest. The greatest. No matter the tech, our tech-bods are on it. So when a technological hurdle presents itself, we’re ready to jump.

What's Next ... What's Next ...

We’re thirsty for the next innovation. So very thirsty. Whatever possibilities present themselves as our fantastic industry develops, you can be sure we’ll be all over them.

How we do it

  • LookOut


    LookOut is a powerful monitoring tool that provides insights into how customers perceive your competitor brands – as well as your own.

  • PeoplePulse


    Understand your audience with this advanced digital intelligence platform. Profiling individuals in real-time and at scale, it helps you identify audiences, drive activation and optimise your activity in response to real-world reaction.

  • RepNation


    Recruit, manage and reward your brand ambassadors with RepNation. It’s a peer-to-peer toolkit designed to foster word of mouth – the hottest marketing sauce there is.

  • BlackBook


    Getting your content into the right hands is key. BlackBook helps you identify your brand’s advocates and influencers across all sectors and markets, so you know where to focus your attention.

  • BrandLIVE


    We’re connected around the clock nowadays ­– meaning your brand needs to be, too. BrandLIVE’s innovative services help you to piggyback trending news and events and create original, engaging content in real-time.

  • EarlyWarning


    This tool helps you monitor social content, in real-time, allowing you to detect conversations as they’re taking off – and respond earlier.

  • The Wire

    The Wire

    The Wire is a listening platform and process for seeking out the best opportunities to connect a brand with its audience through relevant content.

  • Brand Time

    Brand Time

    Co-ordinating global marketing activities could be simpler. BrandTime is a dynamic calendar designed to make it so, centralising your planned activities and informing your more immediate tactics.

  • The Port

    The Port

    The Port helps you get the most out of your content, connecting and distributing relevant and engaging stories to a global audience.

  • PatheMatix


    "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half". An age-old problem finally gets a modern solution – PatheMatix accurately identifies which media is or isn't working, allowing you to optimise marketing spend.

  • RealTimeAnalytics


    What's happening? On the occasions this isn't a rhetorical question, RealTimeAnalytics can tell you, with instant analysis and insight from social data.

  • TheDashboard


    Make more informed decisions for your business. The Dashboard generates by automated insighst from multiple data sources – and keeps it all in one easy-to-use place. 

Life at DigitasLBi

The stars of tomorrow

A big part of nurturing a vibrant culture is looking after our talent. It helps keep us on our toes. We have a thriving grad and intern culture around the globe, and they do much more than make the coffee. We ensure all our young team members get to work on exciting projects and gain valuable experiences from their time with us.

Brain food

In our line of work nothing ever stands still. It’s our priority to be thought-leaders and spark interesting conversations. We’re committed to continually learning, staying inspired and inspiring others.

Our culture

We’ve developed a culture we’re incredibly proud of. Our talented teams look after each other like family, their hard work and play helping to create a place like no other.