Each year, Hermès Paris crafts its collection and communication around one creative theme.  In 2014, the theme was metamorphosis.

Partnering with Publicis EtNous, we needed to showcase the spring-summer collection online via a film made by director Julien Vallée (well-known for his work for brands including MTV, Swatch and the New York Times Magazine).

Few mediums are as shape-shifting as the web – so how could we ensure Vallée’s work metamorphosed into its finest incarnation online?


In Vallée’s film Métamorphose, une histoire Hermès, objects from the collection transform into one another, creating an endless chain of metamorphosis in a surreal jungle setting. Inspired by Hermès craftsmanship, handmade stop-motion techniques and vivid colours were used throughout.

We applied this same artisanal approach to every last aspect of the online campaign as we celebrated the surreal nature of Hermès with style and bold creativity.

For the launch of the work on Hermes.com, the site underwent its own transformation as we allowed people to jump into an endless loop of metamorphosis from any point.​


The striking campaign achieved more than 200,000 views on YouTube and Viméo.