Demand Great


Xperia is already a prestigious brand; our challenge was to convince more people to make the leap and actually buy one.

The vast majority of customers do their research online before purchasing a new smartphone. We needed to cut through all the talk and reveal the true promise of the cutting-edge Xperia functionality – its ability to go further and to enhance lives for the better.


Taking inspiration from Xperia’s belief – ‘Don’t settle for good. Demand great.’ – we crafted three emotive product films. Each showcased how the Xperia Z3 can meaningfully impact lives, in areas as diverse as music, water sports, and blindness prevention.

In ‘Playback’, blues musician Grover Pruitt is reunited with the songs he recorded and last heard half a century ago – using the high-res sound capabilities of the Xperia Z3.

In ‘Boardshare’, professional wakeboarder Justin Gratzfeld took his water-proof Z3 onto the waves, live-streaming his lake adventures to motivate an injured friend to get back on his board.

Finally, in ‘Peek’, technologist Stewart Jordan developed an app to diagnose eye-sight conditions in remote areas – made great by the Z3’s two-day battery life and high quality low light camera.

In telling these stories, we transcended the feature battle to depict the essence of a truly great smartphone. 


Sony wouldn’t settle for a good campaign – we gave them a great one.

The campaign achieved 435,000 YouTube views, and 15,000 Facebook likes, while the newly created Xperia Instagram account generated 22,439 likes across our films.

To spread the message further, we then launched a Facebook competition so users could win a Z3 for themselves. The contest garnered 71,277 likes and 17,808 shares, with a 31% return rate, all from a relatively tiny media spend.

More significantly, we reframed the entire smartphone debate. Features aren’t the heroes – it’s the individuals that use them to make the world a better place.