eBay Thanks You


Behind every purchase, there’s a story. It’s a monetary transaction on the surface, but every person buys and sells things for a reason – and more often than not there’s a lot of history and emotion involved.


To thank the eBay community of buyers, sellers and non-profits, we decided to share their stories in a series of videos that would showcase the heart and history involved in ever transaction. Los Angeles-based director John X. Carey harnessed the emotion in seven independent stories ­– including actor Michael J. Fox, designer Jonathan Adler, and Ed Church, an eBay member who was reunited with his first ever motorcycle 32 years after he sold it.


Over 1 million people have viewed the documentary series on YouTube alone
  • 128% increase in overall subscribers to our YouTube Brand Page
  • Overall, engagement with the eBay Thanks You video series was extremely high with 110K likes and over 1M video views.
  • The Ed Church video had the most engagement and organic/viral reach, and is our best performing Facebook post to date with 69K likes, 5,400 comments.
  • The Campaign sweepstakes has received 186K entries; both sellers and buyers engaged equally with the sweepstakes.
  • Average time spent engaging with the Mobile iAd was 119.4 seconds surpassing Apple’s benchmark of 60 seconds