Taco Bell

Taco Bell


We needed to find a way to promote Taco Bell’s new mobile ordering app. With the brand seen as one of the most engaging voices in social media, we had to do something novel. But a barrage of Tweets, Facebook and Tumblr posts meant we were fighting to win every scrap of attention.


We worked on a strategy that Taco Bell’s many social fans would notice – and turned its channels off altogether. Social, websites, TV ads ­­– all of them. We blacked out its pages, leaving a single post promoting our hashtag – #onlyintheapp. This effectively drove followers to try the new service.


Our strategy worked. Just 24 hours after launch, 75% of all stores had processed a mobile order.  As the buzz grew, the app rapidly climbed to the number one spot in the App Store’s food and drink category. And after three days, Taco Bell had two billion earned impressions. Not a bad outcome for shutting it all down.