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Moto Guzzi
The Spark


The oldest European motorcycle manufacturer in continuous production, Moto Guzzi is a truly iconic brand. But that didn’t stop it from trying something new, by launching four official kits to customise its V7 motorbikes.

When Moto Guzzi partnered with us to launch the kits, we appreciated the challenge. Bike customisation is by its nature a fiercely independent scene, and its fans are not inclined to rely on official products for anything but the base motorcycle.

To succeed, we had to establish a believable relationship between custom bike workshops, custom bike fans and Moto Guzzi.


To show Moto Guzzi’s appreciation for customisation, we created Moto Guzzi Garage: The Spark – a new platform to celebrate motorcycle customisation and kickstart fresh discussion around it.

The main website hosts a series of four exclusive documentaries, each focussed on a customisation guru from locations across Europe.

Embracing the same dedication that bike customisers lavish on their own pride and joy, we even created our own soundtrack for the documentaries. Each episode features a unique arrangement of the same basic guitar riff, reflecting the style of the showcased customiser.


To help us share the appeal of customised Moto Guzzis – and drive traffic to The Spark – we shot dozens of photos with Italian photographer Andrea Pugiotto. These were shared across Moto Guzzi's social channels.

And to fire our audience’s imaginations yet further, we produced a unique installation at the EICMA motorcycle show, allowing visitors to customise a bike in a digital configurator, all using analogue controls.

Meanwhile, each documentary was enthusiastically received by our customisers’ audiences – driving hordes of committed bike fans to discover the new accessories for themselves.