Delta Wanderland


80% of emails from airline brands remain unopened, and Christmas greetings are often generic, showing little personality. To bring some real Christmas spirit to Delta customers, we had to come up with something genuine and original.


Delta Wonderland is a whimsical tale of what happens after the airport terminal closes – told through a music video choreographed to a modern remix of the Nutcracker. The video includes star performances from Delta employees, intricate luggage cart choreography and a light show using safety batons.


Aside from the video, viewers were also able to direct their own Delta dancer online and share the choreography with friends on Facebook and Twitter – creating invaluable social conversations linked to the brand.

90% of recipients opened our Christmas email and the music video became the second most watched piece of content in Delta history. Most importantly, Delta received a plethora of joyous holiday messages in return – confirming that we really did manage to spread some Christmas spirit.