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The new 2015 Thalys above-the-line "hashtag" communication campaign was aimed at putting back their customer and served cities at the core of their new brand proposal, by setting up a social code easy to identify with the brand core value « Human is our destination ».

Our challenge was to amplify digitally this on-air campaign without extra additional media budget.

Our strategic research and industry  learnings indicated that people love to share unexpected moments through their posts, tweets and instagram’s when they travel. By understanding how they do experience urban travelling, we have been able to idenfity a trend around originality, uniqueness and styliness, more specially across the community of Thalys Instagram’s followers.

Thalys - MyHiddenTreasure


We decided to support people’s love to share  unusual and inspirational places discovered across  the « Thalys »  cities. 

In order to engage the audience, we have created « »,  a unique social sharing and voting platform where people can create and share their own visual experience reflecting the brand editorial and visual style of the latest « Hashtag » campaign. 

Thalys - Website


During two months, the campaign was promoted through Thalys owned channels : email, twitter and instagram next to website.

Each forthnight, the best creations were selected by a panel jury and awarded with free Thalys tickets.

The results were above expectations, with over 1200 inspirational user-generated content places pictures created by the targeted audience and over 8000 shares on social media.

Thalys - Mailing

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