Liquorice picks up raft of awards at The Loeries and The MMA Smarties

Liquorice picks up raft of awards at The Loeries and The MMA Smarties

Liquorice, a DigitasLBi company and one of Africa’s leading digital agencies, has picked up a raft of awards at two prestigious awards shows: the Loeries and the MMA Smarties. 

The Loeries recognise the best creativity across Africa and the Middle East, while the MMA Smarties honour creativity and innovation in mobile marketing.

The agency’s varied expertise was recognised with accolades across multiple categories, including website, media, social impact, shared value, relationship building and CRM.

Liquorice’s Fast Kids program for Omo (Unilever) has won a gold and two silver awards at the MMA Smarties and a silver at the Loeries. The OMO Fast Kids program is a mobile phone based learning platform which helps less fortunate kids in Africa improve their math skills and better their chances of improving their future lives. It has already improved the skills of over 300,000 kids.

Liquorice’s other award winner is a dual screen gamification campaign for Richelieu Brandy which has won a bronze for mobile media innovation at The Smarties.

 Miles Murphy, Founder and CEO of Liquorice, commented, “These awards show how dynamic the digital industry is in Africa. Our OMO work is a great example of how digital innovation can not only grow brands but also change people’s lives for the better. I’m so proud of the Liquorice DigitasLBi team.”