Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90
Virtual Launch


To position the Volvo brand firmly within the premium segment, we needed to create a virtual launch for the all-new, luxurious Volvo XC90. Why virtual? Because at the time, it didn’t exist.

The global campaign introduced this new Volvo to the world through digital channels, based on Volvo's brand promise: 'designed around you'.  Our campaign site needed to deliver on this promise, providing a progressive, premium and unique experience that included e-commerce.


We didn’t waste time waiting for the right people to find our campaign. We sought out specific people who share Volvo's pioneering spirit – people like the founder of Spotify, Daniel Ek, Google Glass designer Isabelle Olsson, and film director, John Woo.

With our audience identified, we crafted a lavish digital showroom where they could not only explore the all-new XC90, but also buy the car. Further reinforcing the notion of Volvo being a premium car brand, we also invited especially influential guests to take a virtual test-drive, using Oculus Rift at the Paris Motor Show.


By publicly inviting pioneers and privately inviting VIPs to claim their XC90, they became associated with the Volvo product and brand.

The car itself was sold only on our campaign website and Facebook. Our activities – combined with the scarcity of what promised to be a stunning vehicle – created huge amounts of interest. So much so that, when the web shop opened on September 3rd 2014, it took just 47 hours to sell every single car. At our peak, we were selling seven cars a minute.​ That’s the power of a campaign truly designed around the individual.